durham homeAre you looking to make some investments in Durham region real estate? Is this your first time buying or selling a house in the Durham region? With most of the real estate information available online, lots of home buyers and sellers have an easier time than before. Regardless of this revolution, the importance of working with a real estate agent can’t be undermined. With the right realtor, you can buy a new home or sell your old one as fast as possible in Durham. However, the wrong one will botch the whole transaction resulting in losses.

When choosing the best real estate agents in Durham region, you should start by asking for recommendations from relatives or friends who have used these services previously. Also, read some reviews online but don’t take everything you find for its word. For instance, there are lots of clients who don’t leave reviews online. Next, you should get at least 3 candidates, interview them and find the right one for you. Note that, most realtors are independent and get paid commissions dependent on the number of houses sold.

If there is a listing agent and a selling one, the commission is split equally between the two after it’s deducted from the final sale proceeds. Once the deal is closed, the agents have to pay a little share to the real estate broker with whom they are affiliated. Therefore, don’t fret about asking questions regarding the amount of listings the realtor currently has. Also, you need to know how often the realtor will communicate with you, how every transaction will be handled and many more issues before the deal goes through.

You should beware of agents who suggest the highest price when you’re selling a house. If possible get at least 3 agents with three different points of view. Note that, since all the agents are working with the same data, those who come up with the highest price are simply doing so to get a higher commission. Also, if the selling price is too high, it might take longer for the house to get off the market. This is a disadvantage since most customers will eventually start thinking that there is something wrong with the house and avoid it at all costs.

Avoid Durham region real estate agents who only work part time. Note that, real estate is a very volatile market. Therefore, if you’re a seller or a real estate buyer, you definitely need to work with an agent who follows the real estate market closely each and every day. This makes it easier for an agent to jump on new listings every new day and show them to you as soon as possible. Even better, if the agent is available every day, he/she can show your home to new buyers without delay.

Without fail, a good real estate agent should not be a relative or someone who doesn’t know the real estate market in Durham. Therefore, you should always bank on someone with lots of experience rather than newbies who might botch the whole transaction!