Decorative Ceramic Tile
Decorative Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile has so many uses in and around the home, and the design is only limited by the imagination of the homeowner. Most of the time people think of using decorative ceramic tile in the kitchen or bathroom. The most common applications are to add an accent of design to the kitchen backsplash or in a tub surround or shower stall. Brightly colored accent tiles can certainly jazz up what would otherwise be a mediocre design.

Most modern countertops are made of natural stone, with the most popular choices including granite, quartz and marble. A couple decades ago, many countertops were made up of ceramic tiles that often included decorative ceramic tiles. Since a ceramic tile kitchen counter included grout that could become stained, most people no longer consider this a good choice.

In addition to kitchen backsplash designs and accent features in the bathroom, decorative tiles can also be used in various other locations in and around the home. Ceramic tiles are often the flooring choice in a foyer, a bathroom or the kitchen. Decorative tiles can be used to create stunning designs that reflect the style and decor of other features of the home. A family crest created using designer tiles in the foyer identify the home as unique for the homeowner.

Fireplaces and wood burning stoves are popular in homes no matter the climate. During the very cold temperatures of northern areas, the added heat from a fireplace or wood stove can create a cozy feeling. Beautiful ceramic tiles around the fireplace can create a look that is both unique and aesthetically pleasing.

Free standing wood stoves can also create a cozy atmosphere, but at a much lower cost than adding a fireplace. Ceramic tile is effective as a protective, heat-resistant surface on walls around and behind the stove, and also as a hearth under and in front of the stove. Most of the time some decorative tiles are used to create a design in these surfaces that may otherwise seem too ordinary.

Designer ceramic tiles can be used outdoors as well as inside the home. Most modern homes include an outdoor living space that includes a patio and possibly an in-ground swimming pool. There are very many possible uses for decorative ceramic accents in an outdoor space that includes an area for grilling.

Most in-ground swimming pools have some decorative tiles around the top edge of the inside wall. Other poolside uses for designer ceramic tiles might include inlays on permanent benches or cement surface around the pool. Planters for foliage or flowers also take on a unique look when decorative tiles are affixed to them. Liquid nails can be used to attach the tiles to any surface the homeowner desires.

Even though decorative ceramic tiles can be purchased in various home improvement centers, a wider selection of tiles can be found online. Interested parties should check out the wide variety of beautiful ceramic tiles at to view the exciting possibilities.